• Product Sales. CA Weiss provides competitively-priced supplies for your entire roofing project. We represent the top names in the roofing industry, including Soprema, DecTec, Hanover Architectural Products, and Crossgrip, and can also procure products from any other brand you may wish to use.
  • Product Supply. Our warehouse stocks a huge selection of roofing supplies which we can deliver the same day or the next day, so your project never needs to experience a delay.
  • Compatibility Consulting. If you want to use products from a variety of manufacturers, we can help you design a system where the parts are fully compatible and achieve your end goals.
  • Installation Monitoring. As a Registered Roof Observer (RRO), we can monitor and assess the installation of any roof system to ensure quality and durability.
  • Project Coordination. We will help coordinate the logistics of your construction, planning for timely and cost-effective delivery of supplies and helping with the necessary paperwork.
  • Green Roof Design. We are an accredited Green Roof Professional (GRP), and can help with the design and installation of green (vegetative) roofs, including assessing soils, drainage, plants, etc.
  • Building Envelope Consulting. We can evaluate your entire building envelope to verify that air and vapor flow correctly through the system.

For competitive pricing, deep industry knowledge, and superior customer service, call CA Weiss today!